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Author Topic: Display on the MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RF, IPS or TN ?  (Read 307 times)

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I hope I'm posting this in the right section, I'm not completely sure...but I'm sure you can help me.

I'm considering the purchase of the  MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RF laptop, both for gaming and for work purposes.

My work as a concept artist involves working in photoshop through digital painting and photo manipulation and the use of 3d softwares, such as 3d Coat and Zbrush (mainly).

While for the last ones I have no doubts the laptop will do the job, I'm wondering about the actual usability of the display when it comes to 2d work.

In these cases is crucial to have a display with an angle of view (or how you call it) proper and reliable, so that by sitting in front of it, you don't have substantial changes in values and colors rendition. 
(I'm sure you all know what I'm speaking about)

Of course an IPS screen is the way to go for this. 

Now, in the descriptions I find around the web in stores and such, the display nature is not clear (some write nothing, some actually write IPS) ...
Here in the official MSI website, for the display, the specs say, I quote:
 15.6" Full HD (1920x1080), 144Hz 7ms, IPS-Level gaming display panel (Optional)  

So, a couple of questions:
-How should I actually interpret the definition "IPS-level" ?
-Why is written as (Optional) ? Isn't this the basic display of the machine?
-Is it a TN or an IPS screen?
-What would you suggest to get a sense of the kind of display, aside from finding the laptop exposed somewhere and therefore be able to see with my own eyes?

(something I'm trying to do is to find a place where they sell it, so I can see it before purchasing, but it s apparently not an easy task ) 

Of course, due to the work that I do, I would end up having a second screen anyway and buying therefore an external monitor bigger and sharp as a knife, but I definitely want and need to be able to work on the laptop itself when it comes to 2d work.

Thanks and I hope to receive answer on this, it's the last step before deciding if it's the right purchase for me! 
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