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Author Topic: MSI Btoes - BlueTooth PC2PC USB Dongle  (Read 9977 times)

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MSI Btoes - BlueTooth PC2PC USB Dongle
« on: 15-October-03, 15:26:55 »

I have a problem with MSI BlueTooth USB Dongle.... When I install software my computer cant recognize my USB hardware. Cant find driver.....
Any help??!???!??!

I try 3 same peaces and all are the same....


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« Reply #1 on: 17-October-03, 16:10:40 »

I'm getting exactly the same.  I've tried them on XPpro and Win98.  The software on the installation cd seems to be for something completely different so I'd downloaded the bluetooth drivers from msi's website but still no luck.  The blue LED on the dongle is flashing, the manual says on is connected, off is disconnected, but makes no mention of flashing.  My device manager shows a load of bluetooth com ports and a bluetooth entry in usb controller, but it also shows up as 3 unknown devices.

Any suggestions would be welcome.
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« Reply #2 on: 12-December-03, 04:00:55 »

Ihave had similar cases... it took me almost the whole night figuring out how to make my bluetooth dongle to work (and still not working!!!) Inserting the dongle to the USB port would trigger Windows XP (if you're using XP..) to initiate the hardware wizard and install plug and play drivers for the bluetooth dongle... after which I tried installing the software from the CD which came along with the dongle... during installation... the installation wizard for the software would indicate that previous bluetooth drivers would be removed (and a new one is to be installed) - you can see this on the progress bar/panel... when the installation is done... the software would indicate that the dongle is not connected?!? (dongle LED is flashing?!?)  the weirdest part is viewing the device manager for XP and finding no bluetooth device... refreshing doesn't help... i then tried to add a new hardware and let windows detect the hardware... once detected... (bluetooth dongle icon has a yellow ? on its icon!!!!)... selecting it and viewing its properties would indicate that its not working... if you proceed with the new hardware installation... windows would generate a message that "Driver is Corrupted and cannot be loaded!!!".

I tried downloading from MSI for a new set of driver/software... coz i first thought that I had a faulty CD... however still got the same results... pretty inconvenient!!!

Another inconvenient part is that when uninstalling the device does not fully uninstall the device... plugging the dongle back would not trigger any new hardware notification... windows is still aware of a bluetooth device installed into the system!

you have to uninstall your USB port.. then refresh the system to let windows re-install your USB ports...

seems like MSI did NOT FULLY TEST their installation wizard/software for bluetooth dongles... and to think its a USB device which should be PLUG and PLAY!!!

somebody also told me that I should try installing the software first then plugging the dongle... probably try it tonite!!!

Can somebody tell MSI about this coz their website doesn't even have an online tech support for some of their products?!?!


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« Reply #3 on: 14-December-03, 22:31:26 »

I have the same problem.
I can't figure it out either, I think I've tried almost everything.

Anybody already got a solution?


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« Reply #4 on: 17-December-03, 23:24:27 »

So, I am not the only one with that problem.
The CD enclosed is for WiFi adaptors and not for the bluetooth.
I also tried the downloaded software with no success.

I did send the problem to MSI-support; see the answer (below):

When installing the Bluetooth Software 1.3.1 the dongle is not recognised.
There in no Bluetooth device in the system overview.
So it's not possible to read the BDADDR from the Bluetooth Advanced Configuration menu.
With the Bluetooth Software the dongle is recognised but than the I need the security code for further installation!
What is wrong?

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for contacting MSI Technical Support.
With regard to your concern, we'll update the driver to have the function showing the BD_Addr soon.
Please wait for MSI web site update.
Best regards,
MSI Technical Support


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« Reply #5 on: 29-December-03, 18:28:12 »

I have managed to get my PC2PC to work. The instal crashed and yet it is working now. All very odd. However I keep getting BTstackserever errors.

Any idea whats happening?


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« Reply #6 on: 29-December-03, 19:22:28 »

And I'm having a problem with mine also :angryfire:

Installs ok in device manager but wont "talk" to my mobile at all, so though I'd update driver acceot I need a security key form widicom, so I have t key in the Mac ID of the BT dongle, but it tells me it's wrong, even though I am looking exactly where they tell me to. And no I'm not putitng spaces or anything else either  :-D)
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