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Author Topic: After windows update skype video call turned into green color screen.  (Read 364 times)

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aditeswarreddyTopic starter

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I have updated windows 10 after i purchased a GL63 8RD laptop. After the windows update, skype video call turned into a green color screen. How I can see the video normally instead of green color.


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All my videos just went green after the Win10 update too.  Updating my Intel graphics driver worked. MSI machines like mine have TWO graphics drivers, one for NVIDIA and another for Intel.  So even though my NVIDIA was up to date, the Intel one gets messed up after Win10 updates and you get green screens in many/most players.

Normally, I would get the driver here, the most recent one being November 5 2018

But as of today, that driver was not working (it said 64 bit, but the package was clearly 32 bit and kept failing to install) so I went back one level to this driver:

You want an Intel driver that is from October or just any one that came out well after the Win10 update (e.g. after April 2018)
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