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Author Topic: Anyone play the warrior game series  (Read 44 times)

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Anyone play the warrior game series
« on: 16-July-19, 00:12:52 »

[font="Lucida Grande", LucidaGrande, Lucida, Verdana, arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif]You know like samurai warriors, dynasty warriors, warriors orochi, and any other variant. 

I have actually been hooked playing these games lately. I played dynasty warriors 5 & 6 and I was like meh all you do is fight people this pretty boring though a family member got warriors orochi 3 ultimate, 4, & dynasty warriors 9. After playing those 3 because of my family member I bought them for myself and have been addicted to there gameplay. 

So far I really like warriors orochi 3 ultimate. Though warriors Orochi 4 has amazing graphics. Dynasty warriors 9 I really love the the open world but there is a lot of FPS issues (Playing on console xbox one) so a bit daunting. 

So I am wondering if there was anyone else who liked playing these games & if so what is your favorite one?[/font]
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