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Author Topic: Speaker sound distorted, acting strange.  (Read 254 times)

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Speaker sound distorted, acting strange.
« on: 05-January-19, 07:21:55 »


yesterday from out of nowhere I got a pop up window that I should restart my laptop in order to finish audo driver instalation. Once I restarted it, it started to act strangely. First of all, some sounds feel strangely loud, like they would be set on 300% volume in VLC, also most of the sounds coming from the speakers feels distorted, even on low volume. Everything is fine with headphones. Everything started since that strange update.

Tried reinstalling my realtek audio drivers, but the problem still persists.

Thank you .

EDIT: After looking at it a bit closer, I could hear that one of the speakers is fine, and the other one is making scratchy noise and distorted noise. Does this mean I have a blown speaker???
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