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Author Topic: Optix MAG271C - blurred fonts/text clarity issue  (Read 591 times)

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Optix MAG271C - blurred fonts/text clarity issue
« on: 09-January-19, 23:54:48 »

Is it standard that this monitor has a problem with text clarity?
Gaming and watching video is perfectly fine. Colors are vibrant, blacks are deep, even ghosting is difficult to see while normal usage but when you want to do someting typical like use WORD or EXCEL, browsing internet or even doing anything inside Windows the text/font is blurred as hell. Is there any way to fix it or this is the feature of the panel this monitor is using? I have found some information over the internet and seems that gaming VA panels have some problems with text clarity i.e. MSI, Samsung.
Currently I have 3 monitors on my desk: old LG on IPS, this MSI on VA and IIYAMA on TN and the worst quality in terms of reading text in on the MSI. I have bought this monitor to be my main monitor but it is really difficult to use it for other things than gaming.


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Re: Optix MAG271C - blurred fonts/text clarity issue
« Reply #1 on: 10-January-19, 19:39:08 »

Please refer manual on page 2-5 ~ 2-8 for checking some setting value first.
Game Mode: User
Response tome: Normal
Anti motion blur: OFF
FreeSync: OFF
Pro Mode: User
Eye Saver: OFF
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