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Author Topic: MystiC LigHt, VigorGK80 and X299 SLI Plus  (Read 250 times)

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MystiC LigHt, VigorGK80 and X299 SLI Plus
« on: 12-January-19, 11:03:27 »

I have an issue with mystic light for the motherboard settings. When i change the 5050 12v mobo header all my rgb on the board changes as well, I'm unable to separate modes for the other zones on board.

My Second issue is more of a complaint. I recently changed from Razer products to MSI because I've just always wanted to. BUT for a company that has a dragon for a logo/mascot why to we have no Fire Breathing Mode?? ;-((

The Vigor GK80 is severely limited to its rgb brethren, or is it all MSI rgb? The one and only thing I miss from my razer products with how in-depth the rgb function spiffily the "lava" mode that looks like fire. But it also responds to thing like twitch subscriptions and donations and can flash colors on your system.

also tHIs Had to be Copied and pasted because tHe letters H and C will not sHow up unless I Capitalize tHem in some windows???
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Re: MystiC LigHt, VigorGK80 and X299 SLI Plus
« Reply #1 on: 14-January-19, 00:26:45 »

some effect like rainbow will affect all LED on the motherboard, but effect like breathing, flashing can be applied on single area.
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