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Author Topic: CrossFire on the B350 Tomahawk  (Read 204 times)

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CrossFire on the B350 Tomahawk
« on: 02-February-19, 02:23:08 »

Hi everyone,

So for Christmas my rents helped me out and got me a new motherboard, CPU and RAM, for my old equipment was getting pretty old.
Anyways I had already owned 2x RX 570 4gb cards, they weren't the same manufacturer but ran fine in my old system. I had check that the B350 Tomahawk did run Crossfire before installing both cards, but now I am struggling to activate crossfire, which left me to question if this motherboard does even support crossfire, because no matter what I have done I can not get it activated.

Please can someone help me,  I know of all the performance issues the second card will have, but I don't have cash for another board and would appreciate the help

Thank you


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Re: CrossFire on the B350 Tomahawk
« Reply #1 on: 03-February-19, 09:40:06 »

one thing to note is that if you want to use crossfire, make sure nothing is on your PCIEx1 slot according to manual

Only when both PCIe x1 slots are empty, this motherboard could support AMD® CrossFire™ technology.
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