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Author Topic: msi GT72 cannot install windows please help me!!  (Read 336 times)

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msi GT72 cannot install windows please help me!!
« on: 29-January-19, 10:29:21 »

Hello friends
I'm new to the forum
Thanks for this active forum
so this is one very strange problem I have. I've done hundreds of various windows installation but on this machine I simply cannot do it.
So what's the problem, I got 2 machines, MSI GT72 2QE and MSI GT72 6QD with same problem. When I start installation, farest I get is to choose language, and after that is just hangs with "setup is starting" screen.
If I try installing Windows 7 I also get windows logo, and after that just black screen with mouse I can move around and that's it.
So I tried installing from USB and DVD, I tried with GPT, MBR (on USB), I tried with Legacy mode, UEFI mode, AHCI disk mode, RAID disk mode, IDE disk mode, iGPU, dGPU, Secure boot on and off and all various combination on both machines. I tried with win 10, win 8 and win 7???
I got also third machine 6QD and if I insert it's disk with preinstalled Windows in one of these 2 they start up normally and everything is working fine.

So the question is, why I cannot install Windows???
Please give me some advise, I just runned out of ideas,...
P.S. I'm not using SSD's, just classic SATA disk but that surely shouldn't be a problem and I updated BIOS on both of them.
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