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Author Topic: Legacy Motherboards and BIOS updates are NON EXISTENT  (Read 254 times)

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My computer is ancient by most standards.... About a 2006 model with MSI mobo PM8PMV 7222.1.1

It was running just fine with Windows 7 and everything else I needed. I was trying to do some upgrades to it a few days ago - mostly installing and configuring a new HDD. (One Tb in size) ....It would not recognize it as anything but a SCSI drive though. I went into the BIOS and changed the RAID setting to IDE...and then it worked okay - for a little while. I had not yet installed anything new on it but when I turned it on the next time, I got a checksum error that I could not get to go away. 

One of my friends suggested that the BIOS had been somehow corrupted and I should try to find an update for it. NO SUCH LUCK on anything to do with MSI on any of their websites and links!.... I did  find something on a website that in its domain name was "SOGGI" or something like that. It was a zip file that, when I unzipped it, contained a "BIN" file which I cannot seem to extract. Live update is a non starter as, first off, the computer will not start....I cannot find any info to even suggest that they have an update for it anyway. I did find the way to write a "CUE" file that should extract the contents but so far, I have not found any programs which will run the "CUE" and extract the contents of the "BIN" file.

So, I am stumped in several places....

I had actually hoped that MSI would provide SOMETHING that would help me .... but.....NOPE!

Does anyone have any suggestions here?


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Re: Legacy Motherboards and BIOS updates are NON EXISTENT
« Reply #1 on: 10-February-19, 11:43:59 »

What is your current BIOS version?
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