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Author Topic: MSI RTX 2070 armor RGB fan not working  (Read 1228 times)

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mizan.ghiffariiTopic starter

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MSI RTX 2070 armor RGB fan not working
« on: 12-February-19, 00:36:50 »

Hi Good Day!

after i RMA the card. the led works fine. but i have one question. the fan not working, not even one fan. please help,
after playing some game the fan not working, im worried if its too hot would damage the graphic card
please help!!

(2x8) 16gb Corsair rgb 
MSI Z390 gaming pro carbon
MSI RTX 2070 Armor 8gb
250gb Seagate SSd
corsair TX 750 watts


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Re: MSI RTX 2070 armor RGB fan not working
« Reply #1 on: 12-February-19, 02:43:25 »

1. Is the transparent sticker off?
2. Do they work when the computer starts? (the moment you press the power button the fans should start spinning)
3. Have you monitored the GPUs temperature? (for example MSI Afterburner; the fans usually only start spinning when a certain temperature is reached)


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Re: MSI RTX 2070 armor RGB fan not working
« Reply #2 on: 13-February-19, 12:49:12 »

Note that as long as the cooler is mounted properly, it is very unlikely you will damage the card through heat, even when the fans are not working. GPUs (as well as CPUs) have temperature sensors and will just throttle down to very slow speeds or maybe cause a bluescreen (or similar), but should not actually cause hardware damage.

In idle operation like in Windows doing nothing (or just watching Netflix etc.) the graphics card will most likely be just operate in passive mode with fans turned off anyway.
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