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Author Topic: MSI GT72S 6QE dead after 13 months  (Read 34 times)

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MSI GT72S 6QE dead after 13 months
« on: 12-February-19, 11:52:37 »

I just want to post this here for anyone reading these forums researching whether to purchase an MSI laptop.

Background: I am a 30 IT professional. In my capasity as an IT manager for a large corporation we buy almost exclusively laptops, from standard business laptops to high end workstations and virtual reality capable laptops.

My family purchased an MSI GT72s 6EQ for my grandson. Prior to this I have had people report positivley regarding MSI though not a large number of people.

After 13 months the motherboard is dead. Obviously out of warrant. This laptop ran extreamly hot. Hot enough to heat an entire 12' x 11' room to the point of being uncomfortable, we put a fan in the doorway to try and cool the room off. I do not know if heat was the cause of the failure but we even purchased a cooling base for this laptop but all that did was push more hot air into the room.

Having sent the laptop to MSI I was shocked to hear back that they wanted $1499 to repair a laptop that only cost us $1199.00 that is insane? I have never in my career had a manufacturer come back to me and ask more to repair a computer than it was purchased for. This is some serious hubrius! Obviously they know that these laptops are the primary gaming platform for thier users and being without it is a serious problem for thier users but I can buy a brand new one for less than this repair cost. That makes absolutely no sense.

I have had Dell and HP both repair lap[tops up to 90 days past warranty even though there was no active service contract on them. Why? They want our business. From what I have seen in these forums and across the internet MSI laptops have a poor failure rate. So obviously MSI knows this but I do not see MSI stating that they know there are issues with their product and they are going to do right by their customers.

If you are looking for a gaming laptop DO NOT buy MSI. If you do pay for the extended warranty because it WILL fail and you will pay more than the purchase price to get it fixed out of warranty.

My company is in the Rail Road maintenance business and we do Ground Penetrating radar examinations of railroad tracks. We needed a high end laptop to record and play back these GPR sessions in Virtual Reality. I did not recomment MSI primarily due to the heat issues I have experienced, we purchased an Alianware. This laptop is used in some pretty extream situations and it has performed flawlessly! 18 months and no failures.



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Re: MSI GT72S 6QE dead after 13 months
« Reply #1 on: 12-February-19, 13:06:08 »

young people tend to get their laptops full of malware and dust which can seriously hamper the performance within a short time

i usually install ublock origin on their chrome browser and then add a ton of extra filter lists to block every possible malware site. then give them a can of compressed air and show them how to properly blow the dust out every month.


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