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Author Topic: CHK Code?!?  (Read 407 times)

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jeffbatterTopic starter

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CHK Code?!?
« on: 12-February-19, 12:11:58 »

I'm trying to register my 1010TI
It's asking about the CHK number which apparently is on the card.
Problem is, the card is installed, and I'm not going to pull out my computer, unhooking the peripherals.
I've screenshot-ted the invoice, entered all the other info, but this.
How do I get around this? Is there another place on the box (that I haven't tried) I could find it?
I tried asking in regular support, but my card's not registered, so I'm asking here.
Not the end of the world, I just won't register it, worse comes to worse.
But it seems unnecessarily difficult

Thanks, hopefully, for any help.


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Re: CHK Code?!?
« Reply #1 on: 13-February-19, 02:36:00 »

there's no other way except for pulling the card out unfortunately, if you don't register it, your warranty could just be depending on the card manufacture date, based on the fact that it's a 10 wut TI card, i'll still recommend you to register it anyway.
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