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Author Topic: Improve the brand! MSI Rebrand.  (Read 906 times)

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Hello World!

I have been a brand user for many years, I really love MSI products as well as their gaming aesthetics. Its laptops, hardware and peripherals have gained much relevance during the last decade, increasing the value of the brand. But always a detail has caught my attention, I think your graphic brand has been outdated, I hope it is not misinterpreted what I say, I love having a dragon on the back of my notebook, I know people who bought a MSI notebook only because they like dragons, but there are design issues that can objectively be improved.

So I took the trouble to justify my arguments and contribute something from my work, I would appreciate that those users who think the same support this article with a positive comment.

1- Geometric construction: The current MSI logo was not geometric designed.

2 - Visual coherence: the lack of a geometric construction generates visual incoherence, for example, the tips of the wing and the head of the dragon in comparison with the rounded lines of its tail, the same happens between the shield and the typography.

3- Complexity: Being made up of many small elements, the logo is too complex to be easily recognizable.

4- Negative space: This is the contrast between the background and the logo, currently the brand has a very large imbalance, achieving an inadequate contrast.

5- Reductibility: Due to the aforementioned complexity, the dragon is indistinguishable in small sizes.

That's why I decided to exemplify how the brand would be by solving these concepts:

This logo was created through the geometric construction of forms:

Why only the head?

The lower the complexity of a more recognizable logo is the same, in addition to seeing the designers of the brand, use only the head, due to the problems of the size that the dragon presents, here are some examples:

It has a great versatility in flat inks, and gradients:

Here is a test of how it works on products, web and desktop backgrounds:

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post
I hope it is that I can reach the design and marketing team of the company to take into account the voice of the users who love their products.


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Re: Improve the brand! MSI Rebrand.
« Reply #1 on: 05-May-19, 21:49:48 »

Wow! You took quite some time to do this. I'm all for it! Looks really cool :worship:  #RebrandMSI


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Re: Improve the brand! MSI Rebrand.
« Reply #2 on: 24-June-19, 11:44:30 »

That looks like a very bold attempt. Simple to the point and really faithful.

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Re: Improve the brand! MSI Rebrand.
« Reply #3 on: 07-July-19, 06:51:17 »

Nice work! :agrees:


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Re: Improve the brand! MSI Rebrand.
« Reply #4 on: 08-August-19, 16:23:56 »

As much as I like this new design, I think Id miss the old quick :P
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