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Author Topic: Setting RAID 0 on MSI GS75  (Read 529 times)

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Setting RAID 0 on MSI GS75
« on: 14-March-19, 08:45:22 »

I have been using an MSI GT70 0NC for 6 years. Yesterday I started using MSI GS75. My GT70 shows me mulyiple screens while the computer is booting. It shows me a screen about RAID configuration which includes a key bind Ctrl + i (to create, edit, delete RAIDs). It shows me Another screen that includes key binds F3, F10, and DEL which respectively do advanced startup, boot selection and BIOS.

Now, I restarted my GS75 and spammed DEL and was able to get the bios menu which includes boot selection. I restarted again and spammed F3 and was able to get advanced startup menu. My question is, how am I supposed to create a RAID 0 on my laptop when pressing Ctrl + i doesnt give me the raid menu? Should I just use windows' disk managament software? Is it worse than setting your RAID 0 through BIOS?

I also should tell you guys that in my GT70 I have 2x 64GB SSDs that are inserted in this small PCB thing. And then that PCB thing is inserted into a SATA port of motherboard. My GS75 has 3x separate M.2 SSD slots (2x can be NVME or SATA, 1x can only be SATA).
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