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Author Topic: G74SX-A1 Motherboard Advice?  (Read 245 times)

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G74SX-A1 Motherboard Advice?
« on: 09-April-19, 10:47:02 »

I have a G74SX-A1 with a bad graphics card. Due to how the 560m card is soldered onto the motherboard, I have to simply replace the entire motherboard.
However, I was informed that I needed an exact copy of the Motherboard as a replacement, that the part number had to match up and that simply having another motherboard for the G74 but with a different number wouldn't be a good option.
Does anyone know if this is true (whether it matters if the replacement has the same part number), and how I could check other than cracking the whole thing open (even though I'll eventually have to do it)?

THis is the exact model I have


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Re: G74SX-A1 Motherboard Advice?
« Reply #1 on: 09-April-19, 10:48:03 »

Contact Asus for support. This is MSI forum..
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