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Author Topic: MSI X399 SLI PLUS debug code 00  (Read 1126 times)

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MSI X399 SLI PLUS debug code 00
« on: 06-April-19, 12:06:24 »

bought new board with new threadripper 1920x, and after hours of testing i found out that when i plug the 2pin power switch cable from my tower to the motherboard, i always get 00 code with cpu led on, and the pc wont post. after i pull out the powerswitch cable, everything runs fine, i can access bios, boot to windows, everything. im sure the cable is plugged properly (accoring to manual), and i can start the pc with the tower switch. 

Is this some weird problem with the motherboard or am i missing something??


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Re: MSI X399 SLI PLUS debug code 00
« Reply #1 on: 06-April-19, 17:26:06 »

1/ Are you certain that these pins are goodly connected to your case:

2/ With them conneceted, do a clear CMOS:
- Power off PSU, unplug the power cord and wait that all mobo's leds light off.
- Keep the "Clear CMOS" button on the back panel (the upper one) pressed for at least 20s.
- Plug the power cord and power on.
- You would see a message. Choose to enter in bios setup and
   enable "SETTINGS \ Advanced \ Windows OS Configuration \ Windows 10 WHQL Support" (change only that for the moment).
Hoping it shall help,
:hat tip:
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Re: MSI X399 SLI PLUS debug code 00
« Reply #2 on: 07-April-19, 03:22:41 »

Strange,  if you plugged the power switch in the wrong place, the pc would not power on when you pressed the power switch,  can you check that your power switch is not shorted / faulty.

It could be your getting a strange thing where you found the wrong place to plug the switch in and it magically does power on the PC but gives error?  I would check the switch though in case it is permanently in the ON/pressed position which might well cause a POST error


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Re: MSI X399 SLI PLUS debug code 00
« Reply #3 on: 23-April-19, 11:04:52 »

Interesting problem... maybe try a different switch, i.e., the switch in a completely different disused chassis, or even a "light" switch (intended to go in your wall) from the hardware store, which you briefly turn on and then off, if you have some terminated wire doodads lying around .... if you have very good close vision, optimal illumination, surgeon-grade steady-hands, and nerves of steel... a paperclip could be a "switch" for purposes of a one-off test.

Depending on your results, at least you'd then know, if you should be poking at your computer case (if it worked), or your motherboard (if it again 00'ed).

Standard head-slapper hypothesis would of course be accidental mis-wiring (tried turning the diagram upside down and making sure it still looks like you chose the right terminals?)  The absurd, head-explodey head-slapper hypothesis would be: you bumped (or ESD'ed) something out of whack putting in the power switch wires, hence, switch or no switch, you'd have always gotten 00, and then, somehow, managed to put things back "in whack" when you tried removing the power wires (or your ESD electrons bled off into the earth while you were futzing around in there), creating spurious confirmation of hypothesized cause-and-effect relationship :)

Assuming no head-slappers, you might get a multi-meter and make sure there is no appreciable potential difference between your mobo ground-plane and either power-switch terminal on the switch assembly (when your computer is running, but, of course, with the on/off switch wires disconnected -- but everything else left intact).  If your switch has a built-in power LED that's a semi-plausible failure modality I guess... Also the stuck/fused switch hypothesis seems pretty good.... except for the part where it powers your board up, but maybe it's on when it says off and vice-versa or something, leading to some kind of wacky confusion... easy to confirm, even without a multi-meter: just take apart a flashlight and test the switch can complete and break a battery -> light circuit, in isolation.

Also I have seen computer cases (or perhaps it was motherboards?) where the power switch and power LED shared a ground -- hence, if you got anything backwards, something crazy happens (usually the power light stays on all the time... but probably other wierd outcomes are possible).  If that turns out to be it, maybe get a better case :)
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