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Author Topic: Workstation Keyboard Layout  (Read 189 times)

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Workstation Keyboard Layout
« on: 06-June-19, 17:10:41 »

The Steelseries keyboard layout on Mobile Workstation has some issues IMHO:
1) The right arrow key is actually in the numerical keypad zone, this is very odd specially on a 17" system, there should be enough space to put arrow keys and numerical key pads apart.
2) Need of Fn combination for "Home" and "End" that are essential keys in typing and editing is not a problem in gaming but is not a good idea for workstation.
3) Keyboard backlight brightness increases by "Fn -" and decreases by "Fn +", it seems odd to press + to decrese a value.
4) "Win" key is located on the wrong side of space bar
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