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Author Topic: MSI B85M-G43 A2 code only during first boot  (Read 412 times)

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pzabor007Topic starter

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MSI B85M-G43 A2 code only during first boot
« on: 21-April-19, 06:05:03 »

I've recently build a pc using MSI B85M-G43 and i5 4590.
The setup runs fine, however when I boot it it goes to the EFi Shell and says map: cannot find required map name.
When I boot it it shows A2 code on bottom right corner.
When I turn down the pc after it shows EFI console and turn it back up again it boots up normally.
I've tried upgrading BIOS and ME to latest version (3.9) and downgrading to 3.8.
I have new battery installed and I've reset the system to defaults.
I have an SSD with os (Windows 10) and HDD.
I've tried unplugging HDD, plugging SSD into different ports, wtill no difference.
During the first boot bios does not recognise any drives.
And I've tried different power supplies, unpluging GPU, changing the ram, moving the ram to different slots.
I've changed to IDE, still no difference.
Nothing seams to make any difference.
Maybe there is some option that I can change?
Does anyone have an idea what is going on?


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Re: MSI B85M-G43 A2 code only during first boot
« Reply #1 on: 21-April-19, 09:01:05 »

list system specs, see >>Posting Guide<<

in meantime you can try .3A1 to see if will makes a difference


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Re: MSI B85M-G43 A2 code only during first boot
« Reply #2 on: 23-April-19, 07:14:18 »

A screen copy of Windows Disk Manager showing drives and partitions could also help to identify the culprit.
Have a good day,
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