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Author Topic: *New* Faulty Monitor  (Read 263 times)

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*New* Faulty Monitor
« on: 27-April-19, 15:29:27 »

My Optix MAG24C monitor has had occasional vertical flashing black lines ever since i bought it. I was wondering if i there is anyway I could fix this or if I could get a replacement because it is very frustrating.


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Re: *New* Faulty Monitor
« Reply #1 on: 27-April-19, 15:39:02 »


Try different video cable.  Also if you use any video adapters (e.g. HDMI-VGA), try without.
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Re: *New* Faulty Monitor
« Reply #2 on: 02-May-19, 04:48:02 »

Bro get rid of it fast as possible, the MAG24C monitors are the worst monitors in existence. I love MSI and i have in this current PC an MSI gpu and Motherboard and my monitor is MSI.

BUT the MAG24C is the worst monitor i have ever seen... Ever. And i have had 6 monitors last 2 years.  

My advice. Get rid of that monitor fast as possible, return it. Because you can return it, because i honestly believe every single MAG24C monitor is defect. Extreme Motion blur and ghosting being the most common problem. And seriously. What is UP with the Short Cables? Is it a joke on the costumers to make cables only 1.5 meters long? Or 1.25 Meters long or how ever long they are.
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