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Author Topic: [Guide] How to fix the flickering issue on the MSI Optix G24c  (Read 256 times)

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I purchased this monitor off craigslist brand new. After hooking it up with a DisplayPort cable I noticed it was flickering uncontrollably. I am running a Radeon RX580 graphics card for background information. So here is a guide on a potential fix that may solve this problem for you. It might not but it is worth a try. Keep in mind different hardware may react differently.

Switch to using HDMI cable to prevent flickering so you can complete these steps without a seizure. 

Step 1
IF* you have a AMD graphics card use this website to download the Adrenalin update for the software. At the time of the fix I am using 19.4.3 

Step 2
After you install and restart your computer go into the software. Click on the Display table > Specs Button > Override (Accept any agreements the software requests) 

Step 3
Disable HDCP support. It will ask you to reboot, do that again. 

Step 4
Plug in the DisplayPort to the monitor and graphics card. 

This process has solved my flickering issue. Now I can enjoy my gameplay and whatever else I'm doing at 144hz without my monitor having a disco party. I hope this has been a useful guide and I would appreciate feedback if this has solved your issue or not.


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For flickering:
Please refer manaul for setting FreeSync to disabled.

It is known issue by AMD.


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Thank you! that fixed my flickering as well. So much better


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Do you have jagged pixelated text , icons and forms ? (in some not all)
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