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Author Topic: Booting Windows from external enclosure. Is it possible?  (Read 134 times)

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I've built a PC with a MSI B450A PRO and a HDD with dual boot windows 10 - ubuntu. My hdd has started to make a strange noise and I'd like to run it within an external fantec enclosure to check if the noise will be still present or not. My enclosure has got an independent power supply so I can bypass my corsair PSU moreover the enclosure's got 2 ports: USB and eSATA.

I tried to start ubuntu from this box with USB cable and everything went good. I set booting order list in AMI MSI bios with uefi usb hdd in 1st position and I left "UEFI USB Key Drive BBS Priorities" entry with ubuntu in 1st position and it booted its grub as usual. Then I tried to boot windows selecting its entry from the grub list but I got a light blue screen with the following error: "inaccessible boot device". Therefore I tried to set "UEFI USB Key Drive BBS Priorities" entry with windows in 1st position but I got the same error. So my first question is: is it possible to boot windows in this scenario setting bios entries in the proper way?
If it's not a bios setting matter I think I can try with an eSATA-SATA cable. In this possible scenario I guess bios'd "think" the hdd is within PC case and it's connected with its usual sata-sata inner cable. Before buying that cable I want to ask you if it will work or not.

It's fundamental for me to check both ubuntu and windows hdd's partitions so I need to boot and run windows too because it's possible that the hdd's heads work not properly only under windows in the case there're no external causes that drive the hdd to make noises (eg. PSU).
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