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Author Topic: P65 creator HDMI output  (Read 71 times)

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P65 creator HDMI output
« on: 31-May-19, 04:37:56 »

I'm an engineer working for several hour/day on different programs at the same time as drawing, structure calculation, and others (word, excel, or others) softwares.

My work is carried out on a computer at the office, which have a Geforce GTX 950 ARMOR 2X, and a 43" UHD monitor that allow to me to have 4 screens near 1080 each, so, I have 4 windows similar to laptop monitor, and in case of details, I can get full screen to get all the drawing on the complete 43" screen.  

When I'm on the road, I'm also working on a laptop (standard one) 

I'm thinking about to have only one computer for all, that allow to me to work on the big UHD display in the same way that now at the office, and the same computer (files and programs) on the road, or to have a similar 43" display at home for homework, without differences from the office.

So, I'm thinking about to buy a P65 creator 9th generation, and I would like to be sure that the HDMI output of the graphic board is comparable to my Geforce GTX950, and will allow to me to work on the UHD 43" monitor as now I do.

Best regards,

Xavi Prats
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