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Author Topic: Another faulty hinge  (Read 460 times)

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Another faulty hinge
« on: 04-June-19, 02:48:59 »

GS73 Stealth 8RF
PURCHASED - 19th April 2018
ISSUE DATE: 21st May 2019

This is being added to hopefully further inform people who are looking at purchasing a MSI product about the poor after sales customer service around an obvious design flaw in their product that they must be aware of but are still producing products with the issue.

After a year and 1 month of careful use, my GS73 laptop right hinge failed. Going by what can be found online after a simple search for 'MSI hinge' this seems to be pretty obvious that it is a manufacturing defect. You can search the MSI forums and other locations online and you'll find the same issue reported with pictures of the broken hinge (left and right) and a mangled bezel.

Initially I noticed that the screen would not close fully unless I applied a bit of pressure on the right hinge. After looking at it I noticed that a crack had appeared in the plastic beside the hinge, under the screen bezel. I put up a query on the MSI Member Center about this problem and over the next 14 days went around in circles with MSI about it. During this time the hinge eventually failed completely and is now no longer attached apart from the temporary duck tape repair I put in place.

Even though on the product page in my MSI Member Center it states that I have a 'Standard Warranty + 3 Months', MSI are refusing to cover the repair under warranty as apparently the 3 months only applies if you reside in the country that you purchased the device in and I am also 1 month past the standard warranty period. In the web ticket I raised with them they have refused to confirm or deny that they are aware of this defect in their product - I asked multiple times and they simply ignored the question.

I really can't believe that a high priced and high end laptop like this would have such a defect that has not been fixed and also won't be supported. From what I can see customers have been informing MSI about this issue since at least 2016 and nothing seems to have been changed. Also from reading the other threads/posts from other people the issue conveniently seems to happen very close to or just after the MSI warranty has run out. With their refusal to help I now either have to take the chance of sending the laptop away to a MSI service center (from what I see sometimes a laptop can come back in a worse condition then it was sent away to get fixed) or looking at fixing it myself.

In my view this is pretty pathetic customer service and now that I am aware of this I doubt very much that I will ever purchase another MSI product even though I love the laptop itself.
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