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Author Topic: Trident 3 Arctic Forcibly Shutting down Mid Game  (Read 229 times)

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Background:  A few nights ago we had the power go in and out a couple of times.  Just yesterday, I noticed my Trident 3 Arctic was off so I booted it up and began playing FFXIV when all of a sudden it just shut down.  I figured most likely a forced restart for an update or something so I let it boot back up and went to play again.  Same thing.  Now I know something is up.  Over the past day I've done some digging and ended up finding a program called Open Hardware Monitor, which showed that my GPU fan was sitting at 0% and I loaded up the BIOS, which showed my CPU fan working at about 50%, but my system (I assume GPU) fan sitting at 0%.  After watching the temperature rise to about 53-54 Celsius on the GPU is when my system is forcibly shutting off (assume safety feature.)  I bought this back in May of 2017 and I primarily game on Console with this specifically for a few games that I don't even run on max settings though I could.

Assumed Issue:  Believe either with the power outage or something else, the hardware/software that tells my GPU fan to turn on and changes the speed has become corrupted or something else.  The fan does work, but only if I manually set it as described below.

Solutions taken:

1. I've tried to alter the fan speed in the BIOS, but to no avail.  I may be doing something wrong, but not sure.  Considering this would be manually setting it, not the solution I'm looking for.

2. Using Open Hardware Monitor, I'm able to manually set my GPU fan speed, however this is only a temporary solution and I don't want it going full throttle all the time.

3. Opened device manager and I have 5 different ACPI Fans listed under System Devices.  Gone through each to see if there are any driver updates but they all say up to date.

I feel like I'm missing a very easy step to rectify this issue, but I'm at my limit on what to do.  I called MSI technical support which when they ran my S/N it turns out that my device, though apparently thought brand new, had already been registered so I'm working on fixing that issue.  They did say to full unplug, hold the power down for 30 seconds, rest 5 seconds, hold down for another 30 and then plug it back in and boot it up, but that didn't fix anything.  Is this possibly an SMC thing?  I've reset that before on old Macbook Pros, but not sure if thats a Mac only thing or not.  Any other troubleshooting steps or solutions would be appreciated as I'd like to get this fan issue, which seems rather simple, fixed.  Thank you.

UPDATE: Ok so yes I just posted this, but after launching FFXIV I used the software and with the GPU fan set on the default setting, it is throttling up to 50% with just the game running in the background.  I assume no issues with that, so does that mean the issue relies within the game?  Why would playing FFXIV cause my system to complete shut off?

UPDATE 2: So to test if it was the specific game or the computer, I fired up Heroes of the Storm, a game that doesn't necessarily use a whole lot of juice to run, and about 10-15 minutes into the game, the whole system shut down again.  I had my software running which showed that the GPU fan was running so now I'm at a complete lost on what to do.


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Re: Trident 3 Arctic Forcibly Shutting down Mid Game
« Reply #1 on: 04-June-19, 22:36:03 »

1.Did you has upgrade graphic card?
If yes, please provide brand and model for graphic card you upgraded.
2.Please provide serial number on the back cover and on the box.
It is SOP how to check it as below link:
3. Please provide number:9S6-xxxx-xxx that you can find it on the box.
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