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Author Topic: Undervolt on z370  (Read 257 times)

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Undervolt on z370
« on: 09-June-19, 11:03:18 »

I run stock, non-oc i9 on z370 gaming pro carbon (latest bios), sometime i see that it uses 2.88v on 4.7ghz, which is kinda high? because i have seen 5ghz on less, so i decided to undervolt. So, well if i set vcore to certain amount let's say 1.2v, will it be static modifier or dynamic? and if it's static, how to set it like Auto, just maximum cap of voltage given to 1.2v


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Re: Undervolt on z370
« Reply #1 on: 12-June-19, 16:12:35 »

well i am not professional in OC, but first i think you mean to write 1.88 not 2.88

when you will set the volt to 1.2, most of the overclockers makes it as fixed voltage, so the volt will always stay 1.2V even if you are not loading on the CPU.

in overclocking (or undervolting) the best option is to use the settings that set's almost everything to static value, so better to choose fixed voltage and makes in on Override mode.
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