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Author Topic: SSD vs NVMe?  (Read 508 times)

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SSD vs NVMe?
« on: 18-June-19, 20:26:51 »

I can't find an answer to this anywhere. You can find plenty of reviews about the difference in SSD and NVMe and whether the speed advantage of NVMe is "worth it" or not, but isn't this all based on the differences in price per byte of the two mediums?

So Samsung has a reputation for being some of the better SSD units and is reflected in the prices, but does this trump the benefits of NVMe when prices are no longer a factor? I am noticing that respected brands like Crucial have 1TB NVMe units for less than a Samsung EVO 1TB SSD.  Is there a logical argument to be made why it would be better to get the Samsung SSD instead of the Crucial NVMe that is right now $20 less? Granted, perhaps the Samsung NVMe would be a bit better than the Crucial but it's $300 compared to $118. But is it likely that the Samsung SSD at $138 is going to better the Crucial NVMe?


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Re: SSD vs NVMe?
« Reply #1 on: 18-June-19, 23:18:40 »

if your talking about a SATA M.2 being the samsung one and the Crucial one is a M.2 NVME drive out the 2 i would go for the NVME one without a second Thought as the speed and responsiveness difference is night and day.

Samsung Drives tend to come at a premium as they keep most of there best Flash Chips to put on there drives as they roll all there own silicon where Crucial Buy Flash Memory from mainly Micron but even that being a factor if you can get a NVME drive over a SATA one go for the NVME version as SATA drive speeds are very slow compared to any NVME drive and programs will load alot faster as a result.
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Re: SSD vs NVMe?
« Reply #2 on: 15-August-19, 07:42:28 »

i used an Intel SATA SSD for my old computer and a Samsung NVME 970 EVO for my new one. In Benchmarks i see a hughe difference: 3500MB/S Read for NVME and only 495MB/S Read for SATA, but you only see this in Benchmarks. For your daily work or playing the difference is very small or you can´t see it.

That means if you do not want to spend so much money use the cheaper version the difference is not so big in real live.
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