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Author Topic: X470 Gaming Plus latest BIOS issues  (Read 345 times)

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X470 Gaming Plus latest BIOS issues
« on: 10-July-19, 00:41:14 »


I have a R7 1800X at 4Ghz OC with Fractal Design Celsius S36 water cooling AiO and MSI Vega 64 with 32GB Corsair A-XMP memory at 3Ghz. 
Thus far everything's great. But I've had issues since the release of the latest BIOS. 

I loved the OC profile function and the GUI for fan configuration, both of which is gone, and I've had some irregular behavior coming from my SYS fans.
They aren't updating in real-time and I have had a small rise in CPU temperature since the update. 

The CPU is either reporting temperatures differently, more accurately or less, but whatever the case may be my CPU is clearly warmer during the same strain, configuration, voltage and clock speed I used before.
I updated the BIOS because I'm planning on upgrading processor later this year and thus far I have presumed that the recommendation to always update to the latest BIOS unless specifically deterred by MSI.

I am not that well informed on the possibility to downgrade, if it is a possibility at all. Also, I am hoping that it won't be something I need or aspire to be able to do but right now, judging purely from the loss of 
functionality in BIOS along with less attractive esthetics, that feels hard to achieve.

Is there an effective way to configure fan behavior that I am unaware of? Is the new BIOS containing known issues with regard to the above mentioned? 
Does anyone know what the explanation or motivation for significantly reducing available features, even minor ones like diagram overview hardware monitor?

If anyone with similar setup to mine have been afflicted by similar observations and know the answer to some of my questions, I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback that could help me understand, 
remedy or backtrack if any is needed. 

Thank you for your time, appreciate it.


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Re: X470 Gaming Plus latest BIOS issues
« Reply #1 on: 24-July-19, 05:01:10 »

I am running Bios 7B79vA9 and my R5 2600 seems to run very hot with my DeepCool Captain 240. Even with stock CPU settings my CPU reaches 70C. I had it overclocked to 4.1GHz at 1.3V but it went up to 80C and it shouldn't do so. I am also wonedring if this is a bios issue.

To answer two of your questions. First they changed the UI in the UEFI bios because the bios chip doesn't have enough storage and it needs more storage to support the new AMD Bioses. Even at that they cut support for some older CPU's to be able to fit the bios data into the bios chip. I think they should do it in a way that they have more than one bios file which support different CPU's so that they don't have to cut down the UI and features. Like for instance upload a bios that only suports the Ryzen 1000 and 3000 CPU's ad another that supports Ryzen 2000 and Ryzen 3000CPU's. Also what I noticed with the 7B79vAA bios is they broke M-Flash. I tried flashing back the bios to an oldee bios but M-Flash refused to work no matter what I tried but theres a flash tool posted on the forum that allowed me to revert my bios. I may try the 7B79vA7 to see if my CPU is still showing as running hot though.

Also there is a way to manually set your fans in the click bios which is a massive step backwards but its kind of hidden and a bit cumbersome to use.
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