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Author Topic: red light on mobo, no signal from pc  (Read 154 times)

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red light on mobo, no signal from pc
« on: 18-July-19, 16:29:29 »

Hi. So I was troubleshooting my ram as one stick might be broken. Essentially I switched out my sticks from slots 1 & 3 to 2 & 4 and when I did this, a red light appeared on my motherboard. Keep in mind this light was not with the 3 ez debug led lights. It was a single red light just to the left of the 24 pin connector, and to the right of the ram. I have looked everywhere on the manual and found nothing of this red light. I have tried to troubleshoot with no solutions. I noticed when I unplugged the 24 pin connector, the light disappeared, and came back when i plugged it back in. What is causing this light? I get no power at all when i try to turn on the pc. No fans, no lights, only the red led. Did I short circuit my motherboard?

here is a picture: 

mobo: z170a pc mate
cpu: i5 6660k
ram 2x8 ballistix sport
psu corsair cx750m

gpu 1080ti

If you are interested, my original problem can be found here: but I am just trying to figure out why my pc wont turn on right now


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Re: red light on mobo, no signal from pc
« Reply #1 on: 20-July-19, 10:05:16 »

no power means some general issue
double check if all power cables are connected at correct places
and properly connected
else try with a different PSU
or also take out the board out of PC case and put it over wooden table
then try to boot with barabone setup
no power something can be shorted or a dead component preventing the power
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