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Author Topic: Z170A SLI Plus with Z170A SLI BIOS  (Read 277 times)

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dj.vandijkTopic starter

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Z170A SLI Plus with Z170A SLI BIOS
« on: 18-August-19, 02:59:00 »

I somehow managed to flash my Z170A SLI Plus with the BIOS for the Z170A board. See picture below:

The version flashed is 7998v3B which is for the 'normal' SLI board, not the SLI Plus. I wanted to upgrade to the latest 7998v1E using M-Flash, but it won't recognize this BIOS. It does allow me to upgrade to the latest 'normal' SLI version: 7998v3D.
What would be the best course of action here? Stick with current BIOS? Upgrade to 7998v3D? Upgrade to proper 7998v1E, but how? I honestly don't remember how I got this erroneous version installed in the first place. The live update 6 tool also seems to download the 7998v1E when I try to update, but it won't flash in windows either. I'm also struggling with creating a bootable USB stick.
I wanted to upgrade since I got a i7-7700 coming in this Tuesday, but by the looks of it my current BIOS should be compatibly with it.


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Re: Z170A SLI Plus with Z170A SLI BIOS
« Reply #1 on: 19-August-19, 04:16:33 »

You can try liveupdate for scan the correct bios version, and update via liveupdate


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Re: Z170A SLI Plus with Z170A SLI BIOS
« Reply #2 on: 19-August-19, 05:23:57 »

M-Flash would not allow you to flash the wrong BIOS either, so you must have flashed it using different method, what was it?

I also see that those boards BIOSs are in sync, so they may not be different at all. (they changed the PCI-E slots color and added plus?)

Bootable disk is easy to create with Rufus (just 2 clicks)
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