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Author Topic: Disabling raid 0  (Read 85 times)

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Disabling raid 0
« on: 28-September-19, 12:03:40 »

Hello. I would like to disable raid 0 which was installed on my MSI when i bought it. I wouldnt want to lose my data although making new clean install wouldn't be huge problem. I have 2x 500GB NVME ssd-s installed and set up as 1 GB raid 0. I don't have 1 TB hard drive to clone my disks and i wouldnt be able to clone it back after anyways to 500GB drive. I have 2 partiotions: 150 GB and 781 GB. 781 GB is all free pretty much so i just would like to clone this 150 GB to one of my SSD. However i don't know how to proceed. I just cant clone partition and expect it to work later? There are also some more partitions which i have to clone? I see first time BIOS partition. I obviously just can't delete BIOS partition, i need this one as well. I added picture about my partitions. My questions is how should i proceed? WIll windows backup help me? And just cloning BIOS partition? What if i delete BIOS partition? Thanks in advance.
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