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Author Topic: Video glitch in msi stealth gs65 9se 2019  (Read 437 times)

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Video glitch in msi stealth gs65 9se 2019
« on: 24-September-19, 13:24:41 »

Note: Posting this here because I have got no response from India

My name is Naquash from Kerala,India.
I’m facing a major issue with my MSI GS65 9SE 2019, [ ]
 I had bought the laptop on 7th of September 2019 and started facing issues on the 9th of September.
To elaborate on the issue the screen glitches on the lower half when i was using the computer and also screen flickering. Initially is was slight vertical glitch lines on the screen but after a while, the glitches got immensely worse(Images Attached).

Upon further research, it seems to be a HARDWARE issue. I have already tried reinstalling drivers and it does not solve the issue at all. I have also submitted the laptop within 7days of purchase [13th September 2019] which makes me eligible for a full replacement. This issue has been very worrying for me Since I am a Visual Artist who needs to use this laptop for Work. This issue has been affecting my projects and work for multiple days now so requesting an Immediate Replacement.

As per the call I got from the MSI on 17th September 2019  One MSI technician said that it is just a driver issue. And he said the you tube is running fine now.  Here the computer that I bought which is costing 1.62 lakh [please see the invoice on attachment] and it's a premium computer by its price. This graphic glitch was there when i played MPEG stream clip, VLC, Resolume arena 5 or 6, resolume alley, Quick time player, you tube videos. It is exactly represent the major graphic card glitch because of the video properties or pixels.  Even for minimum amount windows laptop should not give these sort of glitch in 4 days just because of a driver issue. So I really don't think it's a good idea that taking this laptop back for my work and life and experimenting with my project and losing in between my work and losing money again from the client. Instead I would suggest MSI team to replace my computer with a fresh piece or my money back [ Full refund]. On this I wish not to beg for my deserved solution from MSI servicing team. This is the only reason that I am informing you this by email than exposing the issue and  service response on any other social media.

Details :
 Vertical lines and random glitches in YouTube ,MPEG stream,VLC, QuickTime player ,resolume alley . Basically graphic card issues with video clips.
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