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Author Topic: MSI GTX1070m GPU issue, any suggestion?  (Read 582 times)

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MSI GTX1070m GPU issue, any suggestion?
« on: 14-January-18, 19:46:43 »


 I have a MSI GT72VR-6RE with GSYNC (auction) with a bad video card (GPU memory chips problem), so I bought a compatible card off ebay (device ID 10DE 1BA1 - 1462 11AF more details, and well, with this GPU the laptop screen won't turn on, but with a external monitor it works (both HDMI and DisplayPort). Now I noticed that the Nvidia drivers won't just install from the executable as it says it doesn't find a compatible device, but installing the INFs directly will do it.

 The 3D works, the card info works, it run games and its 100% usable with the external monitor (even VR works). I assume the issue is that the laptop screen is GSYNC and the card isn't... so seems like I need to mod the VBIOS on the card to work with it. I tried to flash a Gsync version of the vbios but it it says "GPU mismatch".

 The dumped VBIOS is here:
 Nvidia description:

 I'm not sure if there's a way to fix this without trying to physically mod the vbios.

 Another possibility would be to switch the bios from the original card (the one with damaged memory chips, but vbios ok) to the new gpu.

 Any help with this? suggestion? Thanks in advance.


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Re: MSI GTX1070m GPU issue, any suggestion?
« Reply #1 on: 15-January-18, 17:39:11 »

I am afraid you got the non-gsync card which is possibly not compatible with the laptop's display. I have the gt72vr 6re with gsync and my gpu ID is 10DE 1BE1 - 1462 11AF. As you see there is a difference. That may be the reason your screen does not work. >< Hope someone else posts more useful information on how to make it work.
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Re: MSI GTX1070m GPU issue, any suggestion?
« Reply #2 on: 11-September-19, 05:48:57 »

I have the exact same problem sadly ( I bought  a card on ebay that was on a G65 vr ... did you come up with a solution ? did anybody found something to bypass this problem? 

I thought the G-sync in laptops is not a dedicated chip like in external monitors with G-sync, but it was all calculated by the graphic card + a special bridge between the screen and the graphic card that allowed sync. So maybe there is a way to force the Vbios flash and make the laptop accept this card? 

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