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Author Topic: Help needed with external mic jack PE60 6QE  (Read 300 times)

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Help needed with external mic jack PE60 6QE
« on: 19-September-19, 16:49:10 »

Hello all,

Hopefully I'm in the correct section. I bought my PE60 used a couple years ago. It came with Windows 10 installed. Everything has been fine until now. I'm trying to use the external microphone jack but I don't know if it's even being recognized. The built in microphone is working fine and I see it as the default in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound (under here I see it in the tab "Recording"). The microphone and speakers are Realtek.

So my question is where are the settings for the external microphone? On other laptops I'm positive I've seen this as an option to configure. The only other option under "Recording" is "Stereo Mix" (which is disabled). The icon shows what appears to be a sound card so I thought maybe this was the jack so I enabled it and boosted the levels but no joy.

I want to mention I'm trying to get a pair of earbuds to work as a makeshift microphone which everyone says should work. :-) I have two types. One is just headphones (has just two rings on the plug) and the other is a combo headphone/microphone (has three rings on the plug). I have tried plugging both of these into both the microphone jack and headphone jack but no love. Again... I go back to my question of how I even see if the microphone jack is enabled under "Recording". Will this only appear when a microphone is plugged in? I thought it would appear regardless because it's part of the system board.

The other thing I can't seem to see is a "Recording" option when I right click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner. I've seen posts and videos where people see this under "Open Sounds Settings". I don't know if this is an indicator of something being wrong.

I have seen people mention the SCM (system control manager) and to check there. I think this laptop was wiped and stock Windows 10 was installed. Are there drivers I should install or maybe install the SCM?

I'm hoping someone with more knowledge about this can help. I'm probably missing things (drivers, etc.) that I need.

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