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Author Topic: Appreciate some OC help - Corsair i160 - 9900k, z370i, mini itx  (Read 210 times)

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adam_jordgubbeTopic starter

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HI, there

Full specifications.

9900k, liquid cooled
RTX2080TI, liquid cooled
32GB 2666 DDR4
480gb M.2
z370i mini-ITX
SF600, 80 plus Gold

So I have tried different OC settings following a MSI guide on the tube, from gameboost none with and without XMP to manually OC.

The bios are up to date.
2.QJ 05/22/2019

I used only 3dmark to evaluate by score.

These are the OC settings tried so far.

OC Explore Mode [Expert]

CPU Ratio Apply Mode [All Core]
CPU Ratio 50

CPU Ratio Mode [Fixed Mode] All Run at 5Ghz no matter what for system stability
CPU Ratio Offset When Running AVX [-3] (This was a tip from the online guide)

DigitALL Power>

CPU Loadline Calibration Control [Mode 4]

CPU Core Voltage 1.320
CPU SA Voltage 1.200
CPU IO Voltage 1.200

DRAM Voltage 1.360

Overclocking\CPU Features

Intel C-State [Disable] (Power saving mode)

CPU Ring Ratio 47 3 under
CPU Core Voltage Mode "override > auto (thesame?)


Haven't put out a throttling power limit it is on auto. Should I?

These are done with the GPU unchecked with the demo unchecked aswell, custom run, just CPU test in TimeSpy 3dmark.


CPU-Z / 3DMark CPU test score 9 057 (3.6Ghz) 9169 XMP enable

2. Game Boost

CPU-Z / 3DMark CPU test score 10 426 (4.8Ghz / 4000GHZ in the end) 10 242 XMP enable

3. Enhanced Turbo + XMP (CPU-Z BENCH @5GHZ 582.3 5050.1)

CPU-Z / 3DMark CPU test score 10 575 (5GHZ, dropped to 4.4GHZ in the end)

4. 5Ghz Overclock + XMP (CPU-Z BENCH @5GHZ 587.9 5242.3)

CPU-Z / 3DMark CPU test score 8 784

For manual 4. I got a lower score, this was quite interesting, however the Gameboost options works over 5GHZ, I think around 5.1 but Stock had a higher output.

Temperatures is a bit oddball aswell,

Never really understood the fan curve on this setup.

Temps are at 53-54 however before fans goes up I see Core0 all the way up to 71 and rest jumps a bit setting the overall package up towards 71, it is a bit unsteady and Core0 is a bit higher overall.
CPU jumps from 4700 to 5000.

So what can I do, any suggestions?


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Corsair i160 is a Corsair branded PC and no MSI product. This forum just covers MSI retail products.

Go to Corsair forums or check a general computer forum.

MSI X299 Gaming M7 ACK (MS-7A90) Bios 1.D0
Core i7 7820X @ 4404.45 MHz (44 * 100.1 MHz, fixed all cores), 1.245v - delidded and using der8auer Skylake-X Direct Die Frame
Corsair H110 Liquid CPU Cooler
32GB (4 x 8GB) Corsair CMR32GX4M4Z3200C16 @ 1602.9 MHz (DDR4-3206), 16-18-18-36-2t, 1.35v
MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti DUKE 11G OC
1TB Crucial MX500 M.2 SSD + 2TB Crucial MX500 SSD
Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 1200W Platinum • +12V: 100A • +3.3V: 25A • +5V: 25A
Windows 10 Pro
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