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Author Topic: [ms6760-mega pc]Radio WebUpdate Bios  (Read 4374 times)

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[ms6760-mega pc]Radio WebUpdate Bios
« on: 10-November-03, 07:54:56 »

I've just upgraded the Radio Firmware to version 166 (file: Bx166ms0.bin)
I was amazed by the new option to change the start-up string (default "Welcome") that appears on the LCM when you turn on the Hi-Fi.
I wanted to change it to something else but noticed i could't enter the 7 max characters. I end up entering only the letter "A"

After shutting down my computer and turning on the Hi-Fi part it worked perfect.
But i don't want a stupid A for startup string :(

I can perform the bios upgrade again but it just flashes the same fw again without the option to change the startup string.
So how to perform this again with the option included?
I can modify the .bin file with a binary reader but i think this is not safe.

Some help would be nice! Thnx in advance
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