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Author Topic: Z170 Krait i5-6500 OC causing slow HDD/mem times  (Read 268 times)

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Z170 Krait i5-6500 OC causing slow HDD/mem times
« on: 08-December-19, 23:40:07 »

Using User Benchmark, even the smallest adjustment to the base clock (100.0 to 100.1) causes the write times to the SSD and memory to drop badly. CPU score gets better (unstable after 102.5), but the drop in HDD and mem scores decrease the overall score several %. Nova bench also shows this. I thought this was a system timing adjustment that would get applied throughout the MOBO. Is there something else I need to adjust to get the other components in-sync with the CPU? Out of curiosity, is this seen in Intel -K CPUs?  I know this is small potatoes, but with a 5 yr old rig the Bloat is showing it's ugly head and I need whatever speed I can get that's free. TIA
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