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Author Topic: Blurry text scroll and 3D motion in games on new build - unusable  (Read 77 times)

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Hi all,

Here's my problem:
Scrolling through text on web pages is painfully blurry and games are unplayable when moving. If you're standing still in any game, it's fine, but as soon as you move the camera everything goes blurry and I go cross-eyed. I've noticed this in FPS, action and strategy games. Even the movies for games are blurry. Nothing is playable. I know that all LCDs have some ghosting and I've used more than one over the years, but this actually gives me headaches and makes me sick to my stomach...I couldn't sleep last night because I had vertigo. Something is VERY wrong here.

Here's the story:
I recently upgraded my CPU/mainboard and RAM. I kept my 1050 as I'm on a tight budget. Prior to this, I had an Intel setup that was far older than the "seven-year itch." I'm using an LED-LCD Dell EV2215HV monitor.
Now, I've had this monitor for five years and I've had this 1050 for two years and have gamed many an hour happily on both with no complaints, albeit on older games as you'll see shortly.

I had been using (now you see what kind of budget I'm on!) this build from 2008 (for Wrath of the Lich King):
Intel Core 2 Duo Q6600
OCZ F4tal1ty 4 GB DDR2
Asus P5QPro

I upgraded to:
AMD Ryzen 3600
G.Skill Ripjaws 16 GB DDR4 3200Mhz
MSI B450M Gaming Plus

I kept my 800W Corsair PSU and Western Digital Blue SSD.

Here's where I'm at:
The entire system is stock as since I've had this problem, I haven't even considered messing around with OC'ing. When I upgraded I didn't even move my monitor, I only unplugged it from the back of the computer and plugged it back in with the new one. It didn't get bumped or knocked around. I was using the latest Nvidia driver before I upgraded when I had no problems and I'm using that same driver now. I'm also using all the latest motherboard drivers and the latest BIOS.

I've done two complete reformat and reinstalls of Win10 Pro, one using stock WHQL drivers and one using Nvidia (with and without Geforce Experience) and MSI drivers. There is no current monitor manager or driver for my E2215HV beyond Windows 8.1, so the only settings I can change on it are in the OSD. I've also tested this in LinuxMint and it's still blurry.

Failing that, I've messed with every setting in Nvidia Control Panel and every setting in the games I've been testing it on: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Railway empire, Knights of the Old republic, Mudrunner, Insurgency: Sandstorm, Final Fantasy XV and Pillars of Eternity.

I've messed with every setting I can on my monitor and I've changed around all the DPI scaling functions in Windows. When I first started troubleshooting this, I was trying to figure out why websites were unreadable while scrolling before I even realized I had all these 3D gaming problems.

My questions are:
Could a new CPU/Motherboard combo cause these sorts of problems for an older graphics card or monitor?

Could my new motherboard not be powering my VGA correctly? 1050s don't have external power hookups and draw everything from the PCIe slot. Remember I have an 800W PSU, so my small, stock clock setup shouldn't be taxing it in the least. I've reseated both ATX and CPU power cables on the motherboard as well as the VGA and that actually seemed to help some, but I've been staring at this with bleeding eyes long enough that I wonder if I could tell the difference.

Is this setup somehow now too good for my old monitor (reaching here)?

I don't have any other monitors to test this on, unfortunately. What's tripping me out is both my VGA and monitor are known good components. The new stuff (CPU/RAM/Motherboard) shouldn't be messing with games or causing any blurriness. Generally if those components aren't working, your system has far bigger problems than blurriness. I've debated RMA'ing the motherboard because I can't imagine what other component could be causing this problem: Unless somehow my monitor or VGA got messed up in the upgrade?

I'm just really at a loss. I don't have the money to run out and buy a new monitor or VGA when I've been content with these just because I upgraded the rest of the system...

Anyone have any ideas?


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I would be leaning towards the monitor input causing issues as it seems to only have VGA port.
How about testing your PC with TV? Maybe a friend or neighbour can help with different monitor?
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