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Author Topic: K8T Neo-Northbridge Fan Speed & Core Center  (Read 2191 times)

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K8T Neo-Northbridge Fan Speed & Core Center
« on: 11-November-03, 14:30:03 »

I just replaced my Northbridge heatsink with a active fan type cooler
(Microcool Northpole). MSI core center ver reports
Northbridge fan speed at 0 rpm; However the Northbridge
fan speed is correctly reported in the BIOS.

Anyone else tried getting an rpm reading out of this connector?

The odd thing is when I first installed my MB I mistakenly plugged the
cpu fan into the NB fan connector and both the bios and corecenter
reported it as cpu fan with rpm readings. The 3 pin 80mm low speed case fan (with rpm signal) that was plugged into the cpu fan header wasn't reported at all in the bios, corecenter, or motherboard monitor.

Did MSI wire these 2 connectors in parallel as a single fan rpm input
to the Winbond 83697HF ?
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