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Author Topic: Booting Cubi 251US without Display  (Read 188 times)

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Booting Cubi 251US without Display
« on: 12-February-20, 21:27:01 »

I'm creating a new computer set up for myself and have ran into a snag.

Cubi 251US. specs (I have the black i7)
Asus ZenScreen specs

Description Of Situation:
The ZenScreen is a usb external display and is not compatible with displaying bios. So I must configure Cubi headless while the monitor is plugged in until I get it to work.

I do not have a HDMI monitor that would display the bios.

I used my laptop to install Ubuntu Server 18.10 on the hard drive. I've enable and tested that operssh-server is working and a client can connect by using a usb wifi card. (My wifi card has a light that turns on once bios hands control over to Ubuntu boot process and Ubuntu loads network-manager.)

I inserted the drive into the Cubi and pressed the power button. I was thinking I would see the wifi light turn on but it didn't.


If I get Cubi to boot with Ubuntu I will create ssh connection with it with my laptop. I will install a desktop. Install the DirectLink drivers for the Zenscreen and configure it until it works.

The bios is stopping the boot process because there is no display.

What is required to get this Cubi to boot headless so I can go in ssh and configure it to get ZenScreen working.


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Re: Booting Cubi 251US without Display
« Reply #1 on: 25-February-20, 21:33:06 »

MSI has Cubi series and some model are for Cubi.
But all are different.

Please provide barcode first.
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