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Author Topic: Z390 MEG ACE PCH Voltages - Can this help increase performance?  (Read 269 times)

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Hey Folks!

I recently upgraded to a Z390 ACE. I have successfully overclocked my CPU and memory, but I am curious about improving the performance of my NVME storage and GPU (beyond Afterburner).

I have tried reading up on north and south bridge chips, how different components communicate to the CPU through the PCH, I have looked at the block diagram of the Z390 ACE, and I am finding that I still need some clarity.

Here's my setup:
M2_1 - Main Drive NVME
M2_3 - Games Drive NVME
SATA3 - Media SSD
SATA4 - Backup HDD
PCI_E5 - Sound Card
CPU - 5ghz
Ring Ratio - 4.7ghz

Bottomline I am wondering how else I can improve the performance of my storage and GPU through features of the board. My thinking is that if I can help improve the performance of my memory and CPU through voltage, perhaps this is true through changing the PCH voltages. Is this possible? Could adjusting the BCLK a bit also help with PCH voltage changes?

Thank you!
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