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Author Topic: Optix MAG241C Fuzzy Text, Washed Out Colors  (Read 103 times)

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Optix MAG241C Fuzzy Text, Washed Out Colors
« on: 25-March-20, 09:41:33 »

I purchased MSI MAG241C a week before and right out of the box I could see that colors look worse than my 5 year old monitor. I have it connected via DP to a 1060 6 GB. I have tried every setting in the OSD, ClearType but to no avail. I did some research and found lot of people have similar issues but I saw no resolution. I opened a support ticket and after a bunch of settings he offered, he wants me to RMA for a firmware update which he is even not sure exists. Wth is going on with MSI? Did I commit a mistake by buying this? And with this Coronavirus scare I cannot even return this piece of junk.

Anyone who has been able to get better colors or font with any setting, please share. I would really appreciate it, my eyes are bleeding from this sh*t.


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Re: Optix MAG241C Fuzzy Text, Washed Out Colors
« Reply #1 on: 25-March-20, 21:37:17 »

Please refer manual on chapter 2 for modifying some setting value as below then check it again.
Game Mode: User
Response Time: Normal
Anti Motion Blur: OFF
FreeSync: OFF
Pro Mode: User
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