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Author Topic: For All The ATI Radeon9600 Pro users only.  (Read 1847 times)

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For All The ATI Radeon9600 Pro users only.
« on: 19-November-03, 01:04:14 »

If you are an owner of a built by ATI Radeon 9600pro card then you should take some interest in this post.  

Some of you may know of the modifications you can do to the Radeon 9500 non-pro and turning it into a 9700 Pro.  By installing the bios of a 9700 into the bios of a 9500 you will fool the computer into making it run as a 9700 pro.  The idea was that the board layout and GPU core of the 9500 and 9700 were identical to each other that the only deference was the bios.  Same micron cores, but only the 9500 was underclocked via the bios.  The quality control team at ATI would test the GPU cores for 9700 performance standards and the ones that fell slightly short were used on some OEM 9500 boards.  So doing the bios mod one would achieve, in most cases, 9700 results.  A voltage mod would remedy any GPU that couldn't handle the load.

ATI caught wind of this and soon introduced the 9600 and 9800 Radeon series.  How ever, you can still modify the 9600 to a lesser degree.  On the Built By ATI 9600 pro cards, you will notice a template for a FDD power connector.  You can attach an FDD connector to it and will achieve higher overclocking on this card.  The reason is simple, more power to the ram and GPU, the more MHz it can handle.  The default speeds of the 9600 pro are 400GPU/300RAM.  Most boards are reaching 500/345 with out the FDD mod.  With the FDD mod you can expect a minimum of 10%, but most results are higher.  The 9600 Pro uses a smaller micron core then anything out today, so there is a lot of headroom for overclocking with heat being less of an issue.  If you are brave enough to try it, I'm sure you will be impressed with your efforts.  I will post my benchtests after I deal with my MOBO issues.

P.S.  The FDD mod will only work on the revision 1 Built By ATI Radeon 9600 Pro.  These are better also because they use 2.8ns ram as compared to 3.3ns on rev. 2's.
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