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Author Topic: 865PE CPU Voltage Limitation? (also posted an P4 based board 2 days ago)  (Read 1702 times)

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Hello everybody,

I already posted that at P4 based board, but I thought posting it here as well, as you're more likely to play with such settings and values.

I have a P4 2.4C oc @ 3.3GHz with Vcore@1.8. The only thing keeping me "down" here is that if I set Vcore to 1.9Volts or higher my system won't boot at all. The screen stays black, and the CPU surely doesn't work as it stays cold. Loading BIOS default values is a pain in the a... as insert won't work (for some of you this is delete for your mobos) and usually the only way is to turn the PSU off while the mobo tries to boot. Any clue why this happens???

-Is it a defect of the board?
-Is it a protection limit of the board? Then why it allows much higher values?
-Is it a defect of the CPU?
-A protection limit of the CPU?
-A PSU problem? I own a cheap (for it's watts) 550PSU.

Please help! I want more speed!

Thanx for your time reading this!
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