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Author Topic: KT6 Delta: How to set FSB?  (Read 1025 times)

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KT6 Delta: How to set FSB?
« on: 20-November-03, 19:22:37 »

Hi there!

My new KT6 Delta doesnt´start! Only coolers and hdd run, but not the cpu. I think i´ve got the wrong fsb. How can I change fsb without using bios?

Urban Tiger

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« Reply #1 on: 20-November-03, 23:18:16 »


Assuming from your post that when you say the "Board doesn't start", that you can't get into an OS either.  That being the case you can only change the FSB via the BIOS!!

Firstly though, have you ensured that you plugged in the "CPU Power Supply Plug" (a small square "4 Pin Plug"), as well as the main ATX Power Supply onto the Board??  If you haven't then doing so if you had missed it would be a good start and may at least get you a bit further down the road, albeit for the present your CPU may also report incorrectly until you then set the correct FSB too.  Telling people here also what your CPU actually is and some other Sys Specs would have gone a long way to helping you too lol :)!!  Post up some Sys Info m8 and you'll get far more useful replies, ultimately you made it very hard to reply to ya post with so little info to go on too lol, all that cn be done is to generalise on what the problem possibly is for you, but with no information nothing can really get specific for you :)!!

It may be that you may also have to clear the CMOS if you are failing to get POST, and only certain devices are running etc too....Check out the Manual on how to do that (IF you are unsure or haven't done it before), it's very simple IF you haven't don't worry, just follow the instructions and all you have to do is move a Jumper whilst the System is completely off, and please don't think I'm patronising you either, but obviously I have no idea how much you know or don't know as such :)!!

Then if you start to have results, you can change the FSB in the BIOS in the Frequency/Voltage Control Menu, ("CPU FSB Clock" Option).  I can't give you a specific FSB setting as you haven't said ya CPU Spec lol......But it will be perfectly safe to leave it at the standard setting of 100 until you get further on with more results and also leave the CPU Ratio (or often also known as the Multiplier) set to Auto too, then they can happily be changed later if and as required :)!!

The once you have installed Windows assuming that's what you will install, if you install the "CoreCentre Software" then you can then change the CPU FSB via CoreCentre within your OS too :)!!

Hope that gets you somewhere at least and is of some use to you :)!!
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