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Author Topic: Convoluted Support Portal  (Read 112 times)

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Convoluted Support Portal
« on: 18-May-20, 11:58:07 »

Anyone else discontent with the Support Portal and RMA Services offered by MSI?

It took two months, and 12 attempts to contact MSI, via the web, phone, and email, to initiate the repair request on my USB-C Docking Station.  

I had to create an account, to register a product which could not be recognize by their own serial number which I scanned from the barcode on the device.  

Then I had to complete a form, which sent me to another blank form, which I completed, only to be informed that I my request could not be processed and redirected to the Account dashboard..

I attempted to use the Automated Assistant.  However, every option I chose redirected me back to the MSI Support Dashboard.

I attempted to email, but received a failed delivery notice.  

I called them and was unable to complete the automated phone checks.  

I eventually opened a Customer Satisfaction request, explaining this whole complex situation and was able to open a ticket, about a week later I received a response from a do-not-reply address, asking me to visit a website to complete yet another form, an RMA request.

No option in this whole process had taken me to this specific portal.  I completed another form.  At this time it was probably my 8th form to fill out, so my confidence was lacking.  So much so, that I had the form data saved to my computer for auto-completion, to save a bit of time in debacle.  

But at least I could respond to the ticket I opened... Oh wait, no I couldn't.  Do-not-reply address on the email, and MSI automatically closed the ticket after they responded... 

I completed the form, and viola!  I opened an RMA Request.

I received an email stating that the Serial Number... on the label.. attached to the device... which I scanned from the barcode... next to the serial number... on the label... attached to the device... was not recognized.  What. A. Surprise.  I was asked to confirm the serial number.  I responded back with a scan of every barcode on the device, including the small QR code, as well as every barcode on the original packaging.  

I finally got instruction to send in the device.  Low and behold... I have to pay for packaging and postage.  Furthermore, they will not be held liable if I do not purchase tracking and insurance.  In addition, the repair will not be returned for 13 - 33 days, including return shipping time.

I have purchased MSI Technology both personally and professionally for the last few years.  However, after experiencing their Technical Support, I will be apprehensive to buy any MSI technology moving forward.

In my career, I have worked with many support portals.  This by far was the most difficult and least responsive.


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Re: Convoluted Support Portal
« Reply #1 on: 21-May-20, 16:10:42 »

I finally got instruction to send in the device.  Low and behold... I have to pay for packaging and postage.  Furthermore, they will not be held liable if I do not purchase tracking and insurance.  In addition, the repair will not be returned for 13 - 33 days, including return shipping time.

I'll be honest, I agree the web portal really is poorly done, handled, and has a thing for not working most of the time. Wish there was something we could do about it, but sadly it's not our problem to fix.

As far as the line above.....I've done RMA's with multiple OEM's over the past 20 years. 
I've never had one that was different from what you describe. Asus, Gigabyte, Dell, HP, MSI, EVGA, they've all had the same experience. You pay to ship it to them, most likely with insurance in case it gets lost or broken during shipment, and expect it to take 2 weeks to get fixed. Then they ship it back (usually by ground).

I can sympathize with you on the website and support side. There's not much we can do about that aspect.
But the shipping side? That's really standard across the industry at this point.....and has been for a long long time.
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