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Author Topic: cpu temp 50 degrees celsius at idle.  (Read 2905 times)

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daffy the red

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cpu temp 50 degrees celsius at idle.
« on: 04-December-03, 13:12:05 »

hi, i think i need some cooling..
the temp of my cpu is over 50 degrees celcius at idle, and i am getting worried.
i have tried some coolermaster jet 4's on my system, but they have to be cranked up full throttle and still only bring it down to 50 deg celcius..
i use a high powered exhaust fan and hdd cooler collermaster cooldrive 3.
at mo i have gone back to pentium's heatsink and fan as it is actually quieter and as good as coolermaster's. but i need to get the temp down about 20 degrees!!
funny thing is at high stress the system only rises about 6 degrees, but i would like the chip to last longer than 12 months, so any ideas about some good coolers??
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« Reply #1 on: 04-December-03, 13:20:59 »

Check your thermal paste first. Get some good paste and see if it does the trick.

daffy the red

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« Reply #2 on: 04-December-03, 13:22:30 »

thanx for prompt response..


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« Reply #3 on: 04-December-03, 13:27:12 »

Yuo are welcome. Try Arctic silver


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« Reply #4 on: 04-December-03, 14:11:06 »

daffy the red;
I agree with the Artic Silver use.  I also am using a Zalman cooler.
Now idle temps are about 40 C and case temps are 35 C.  This is a big improvement from the stock HSF that also gave about 50C temps for me and up to 60C under loading.

865PE Neo2-FIS2R Bios 1.3
P4 2.80C & Zalman CNPS7000A- ALCU
2 Crucial 256MB DDR PC3200 (1 Channel A & 1 Channel B)
Maxtor 120 GIG DiamondMax Plus 8MB SATA
Antec Sonata 380 PSU 2 120mm fans
Windows XP with current SP and updates
H T enabled
USR 56K internal modem
Logitech Cordless Access Duo\ keyboard & mouse
ViewSonic VX900 19" real cool


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« Reply #5 on: 04-December-03, 15:00:55 »

If you're using a BIOS before 1.4 the reading will be 7-10C too high anyway so you could just forget about it/take that into account/upgrade your BIOS

....also enabling Hyperthreading will reduce your CPU temperature

It could also be that you havent got enough air flow... just having a very powerfull exhaust fan is not helpfull if not enough air is getting into the case in the first place (air out = air in), your exhaust fan will just compete with your PSU fan for the available air and could actualy increase your temperature by over heating the PSU

daffy the red

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« Reply #6 on: 04-December-03, 17:10:15 »

hmm, cheers, as present i am on bios 1.8 and unfortunately HT won't run on my pc, crappy ram you see...and even worse, i can't afford new ram till january.. ;-((
i thought about zalman, but wasn't too sure about the extra weight. look's like i will add one to my pc wish list along with some arctic silver and bios 1.9....
comeon santa..
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