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Author Topic: Mega PC issue with usb hub  (Read 1778 times)

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Mega PC issue with usb hub
« on: 06-December-03, 15:59:57 »

I have an MSI Mega PC with the following config:
2.66GHz P4 533Mhz FSB CPU
2x512MB PC2700 DDR
160GB Maxtor 7200RPM IDE Drive
ATI Radeon 7500 All-In-Wonder
TDK 440N DVD±R/RW drive
Windows XP Pro SP1a

I have a ton of USB peripherals
Linksys USB Wirless Ethernet
ATI Wireless Receiver
Western Digital 80GB External Drive
Epson Scanner
Epson Printer
Veo Webcam
Canon S400 Digital Camera hookup

To support the additional peripherals, I added a powered USB 2.0 hub to the rear of the system.  This worked for a week but then the card readers in the front no longer were recognized by the system. Also the boot up into Windows would take 3-4 minutes where it used to take less than 30 seconds. Under the Device manager, one of the USB controllers has a yellow exclamation mark that I could not get rid of.  

I can alleviate these problems if I hook up the hub to one of the front usb ports instead of the back.  This is ok though I would rather have the usb hub connected to the back for aesthetic reasons.  Anybody know why there would be a problem hooking a usb hub to the back?
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