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Author Topic: Kt8 NEO bios work around erratum 93 eta??  (Read 1609 times)

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Kt8 NEO bios work around erratum 93 eta??
« on: 09-December-03, 21:54:45 »

Hi guys,

Dont get me wrong, you have a great mobo, the Kt8 neo is a very tidy package (your english on the "core cell" splash screen could use some work ;).

However, I am wondering when you are planning to release a bios with a work around erratum #93 (stepping C athlon issue with SMM mode).

I cannot use USB legacy support (and hence use my usb keyboard to navigate my boot loader) in 64bit linux as the kernel will crash as a result of to this erratum; naturally as this leads to the the top 32bits of the address being overwritten with zeros in SMM mode, running 32bit OS's (like x86 linux or even that crud from redmond) has no such issue with legacy mode.  

Since my bootloader requires legacy mode support for keyboards to work, I am stuck booting only my primary kernel;  I reported this to your tech support a month or so ago and have got no response, so I thought I'd ask in public.

Specifically I have the following problem:
When setting Legacy USB mode, which makes the BIOS run USB code in SMM code.
RIP: 0010:[<000000008010f784>] [<000000008010f784>]

A valid 64bit kernel address would tend to look like ffffffff8010f784, but something has zeroed the upper 32bits. This is a classic example of the bug in SMM mode in C stepping Athlons; it has to be workarounded in the BIOS, when it isn't then will lead to this problem.

Hope someone can shed some light; give me some hope...  if not my only chance will be to change to another motherboard, which is a bloody expensive thing to do if you dont have to.

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