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Author Topic: Dual Opteron - Best memory configuration  (Read 1466 times)

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Dual Opteron - Best memory configuration
« on: 15-December-03, 09:45:29 »

Whats the best memory configuration for a Dual Opteron with only 2 memory modules.

I ordered 4x256MB 2700 so I could run in Dual Channel on both CPU's but I somehow managed to order non registered (even though I knew I needed it). Anyway I have now ordered 2x512MB DDR ECC Registered 2700.

My question is whats the best way to populate the motherboard with this memory.

Should I give each CPU it's own 512mb Single Channel or Give CPU1 1024MB Dual Channel ?

Also can I use 3200 memory on an Opteron 242 ? I understand that it will run at 2700 though if it will.


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« Reply #1 on: 15-December-03, 09:50:31 »
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  • From what I heard is the Hypertransport bus so ingenious the system should be the fastest with 1 CPU given DUAL channel....
    But this is just a guess from what I heard people say about this matter....
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